Context of the French-Japanese-German collaboration

In 2014, research funding agencies of France (ANR), Japan (JST) and Germany (DFG) jointly launched the SPPEXA research program "Software for Exascale Computing“. In the framework of this program, trilateral scientific workshops have been organized in 2017 and 2018 in Tokyo. There, the HPC community gathered to discuss about SPPEXA research results and future work (details about these two workshops can be found below). Once the SPPEXA program has been completed, the positive results it has brought out and the relevance of the cooperation between France, Japan and Germany on this subject have pushed the experts of the 3 countries to continue the dialogue. This common will is materialized by the workshop organized on November 6th to 8th 2019.

During 3 days in Tokyo, this event aims at bringing together research communities in high performance computing (HPC), mass data processing (Big Data) and artificial intelligence (AI), subjects that are highly dependent on each other.

After a first day where the leading experts of the three countries will unveil in plenary their respective advances in high performance computing, the second day will be dedicated to thematic sessions on the convergence of different domains (HPC, Big Data and AI). Finally, the third day will consist of parallel working sessions in small groups, promoting discussion to identify the directions to be given to cooperation between our countries. The detailed program is to be found under the “Program” section.

Previous trilateral workshops

April 5th 2017: 1st workshop “Programming and Computing for Exascale and Beyond” at the French Embassy in Tokyo.

October 30th-31st, 2018: 2nd workshop “Programming and Computing for Exascale and Beyond” at the German Embassy in Tokyo.

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